Financial and Socio-Economic Consulting Services

The Clean Cooking for Africa Program promotes the transition from solid fuel cooking towards clean, safe, modern cooking using LPG in African countries. To achieve this goal, Country-Specific Implementation and Investment Plans shall be created and implemented in the project countries Cameroon, Kenya, and Ghana.

Requested Consultant services: The requested services of the international consultant comprise: (1) a financial and socioeconomic demand assessment of competing cooking solutions (including consumer segmentation) in urban, semi-urban and rural areas over the near, medium and long term; and, if applicable, the update of the demand assessment and impact assessment in order to reflect adjustments in the course of the project; (2) the creation or validation of the corresponding financial and socio-economic impact potential (health, environmental, and socioeconomic).

Further information will be made available by the Tender Agent to interested parties under the following address: upon request.

Deadline: 21 November 2017

Reference Documents:

GLPGP-Dalberg Impact Rationale and Country Prioritization_2012.pdf

KfW - LPG Consulting Engagement Guidelines Sep.2013.pdf

The Global LPG Partnership - Overview.pdf

ECA - Econometric analysis of potential LPG household cooking market in Ghana - Final Report 8 Feb 2017.pdf

Ghana LPG Working Group - Preliminary Report on the LPG Sector in Ghana 3 Mar 2014.pdf

WIVP Ghana Market Study Final Report June 2014.pdf

GLPGP-Dalberg Kenya LPG Market Assessment 4.Sep.2013.pdf


Note: Additional reference documents may be posted here in future.  Please check back periodically to view the most up-to-date postings.