The simple act of cooking a meal, for nearly 3 billion people in developing countries, is deadly.  Toxic cooking with solid fuels like wood and charcoal kills 4 million people per year – more than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.  And it contributes significantly to the destruction of forests whose wood is increasingly consumed for cooking energy. That also contributes to climate change.

The UN has designated 2014-2024 the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All and in 2015 launched the Clean Energy Is Life campaign to help solve this major global problem.

With your help, we are delivering a major part of the solution: bringing clean, modern energy to millions of families in need in lower-income countries in Africa, Asia and elsewhere.  This saves lives, helps save the planet, and frees up hours every day that women and children now spend gathering fuel and tending fires so they can work, start businesses, care more for their families and study.

And you can help. Your donation, large or small, will join with thousands of others to bring life-saving clean energy to families living in energy poverty.  You'll improve their health, save the forests whose wood they gather to cook with, empower them with the time they'll save to pursue education and entrepreneurship, and create sustainable jobs.

They thank you, and we thank you.  Because of your support, and support from thousands more like you, over a billion lives will ultimately get substantially, sustainably better by 2030. 

Help us improve the lives of a family without clean, modern energy.  Change a village. Change a country.  Change the world.