Our Mission

The Global LPG Partnership (“GLPGP”) assists developing countries to plan, finance and implement national-scale availability and use of liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”), to help prevent the 4 million annual deaths, severe forest loss, and vast impact on women's and children’s labor time caused by societal dependence on solid fuels for cooking.

Our Goal

Enable the transition of the maximum viable population to clean LPG use for household cooking by 2030, providing affordable access to modern energy as part of the transition to a sustainable future.

Expected Impact

  1. Overall: Enable the transition of the maximum viable population to LPG by 2030, to avert approximately 1.3 million household air pollution related annual deaths and 6 million hectares of annual forest loss.
  2. Near term: (2017-2020): Carry out effective, measurable investments and interventions to scale up the LPG ecosystem in 5-8 pilot countries and transition a minimum 75 million people to LPG (US$ 1-2 billion in investment). Perform preparations in an additional 5-10 countries.
  3. Medium term: (2021-2023): Based on learning from successes in initial focus countries, expand activities to approximately 20-25 additional countries, with an estimated US$ 8-10 billion of cumulative investment.
  4. Long term: (2024-2030): Expand global activities to transition one billion people to LPG (and/or successor fuels like bio-LPG), with an estimated US$ 15-20 billion of cumulative investment.


Dr. Kandeh Yumkella highlights the need for LPG as a clean cooking solution.


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