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Increasing the Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Cooking in Developing Countries

May 2017

Published by the World Bank Group and co-authored by Richenda Van Leeuwen and Alex Evans, GLPGP

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Alex Evans and Richenda Van Leeuwen introduce GLPGP and our work

April 2017

Facebook Live interview at the Sustainable Energy For All Forum

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Lessons From Scaling Up LPG: The GLPGP Experience

March 2017

Presentation by John Hauge, GLPGP CFO, at the 4th Annual Sustainable Energy for All Africa Workshop 

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Implementation Science to Accelerate Clean Cooking for Public Health

January 2017

Published in journal Environmental Health Perspectives

Thought-leadership: Achieving UN and G20/B20 Energy Access Goals by Kimball C. Chen

November 2015

Published in the official G20 Magazine under the G20 Turkish Presidency

The GLPGP Initiative: Saving Lives. Protecting Forests. Empowering Women.

September 2015

GLPGP's global efforts to transition 1 billion people from solid fuels to clean, modern household energy by 2030

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Greater Accra LPG Assessment [Ghana]

May 2014

Findings from GLPGP study in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business WIVP programme

GLPGP-Dalberg Kenya LPG Market and Impact Assessment

September 2013

Findings from GLPGP study in collaboration with Dalberg and the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves



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Environmental payoffs of LPG cooking in India

October 2017

Environmental Research Letters


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Energy Access Outlook 2017

October 2017

International Energy Agency

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International Experiences with LPG Subsidy Reform

January 2016

Published by the Global Subsidies Initiative of the International Institute for Sustainable Development 



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