GLPGP partners with host country governments and other stakeholders to create national plans for rapid, sustainable scale-up of LPG infrastructure, distribution and demand. GLPGP then assists with financing and implementation of key plan elements to transition the maximum viable population to LPG for cooking.

Developing countries request GLPGP’s assistance to achieve the three main prerequisites for making LPG widely available and affordable:

  • Plan and implement enhancements to government policies, regulations and regulatory enforcement to create the enabling environment for a viable, scalable, sustainable LPG sector;

  • Provide knowledge and expansion capital to achieve critical mass of LPG supply, infrastructure and distribution systems quickly and sustainably; and

  • Empower developing country users, who cannot otherwise afford LPG fuel, to pay the upfront cost of appliances to use LPG and thereby unlock additional demand. Read about our Bottled Gas For Better Life microfinance program.

GLPGP has engaged with the governments of eight African countries – Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda – in planning, policy and regulatory reforms, and investments. GLPGP also works with regional partners like the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

GLPGP has identified and defined approximately US$1 billion of potential LPG scale-up investments in three first-mover African countries, and around US$1 billion in other priority countries to date.

LPG Cooking demonstration in south africa

LPG Cooking demonstration in south africa

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